American Girl Bistro

Review by Amy

609 5th Ave, New York, NY 10017
1 year ago

The review from two years ago sounds much better than what we experienced 3/26/18. If you have a child Who is gf and wants to eat here it is doable. It’s not ideal though so my advice is to call Ahead and find out what the GF options are and just order right away. Otherwise looking at the menu might feel sad. That said, my daughter has gf chicken nuggets, fruit and a chocolate milk. The desserts weren’t gf so prior to lunch we made plans to go to a separate ice cream place for dessert afterwards which was fun, and my ploy so she wouldn’t be disappointed. Fries are in shared drier so that was out. There was no pizza. The appetizer wasn’t gf. The atmosphere is fine not great but it’s about bringing the dolls and for the kids it’s a very sweet experience for sure.