Review of Arlo's Ristorante

330 N 1st Ave # 1, Sandpoint, ID 83864

Overall Rating


They have GF pasta, but it was not cooked right and tasted aweful. (do not get the Fiorentina). My salad had no dressing and my bf's ceasar salad was disgustingly soggy. His garlic bread was very burnt.

After waiting an hour for our food, they then brought me pasta that wasn't GF. I had to wait another HALF HOUR again to get this fixed. They did the same thing to a man at the table next to me, so it appears the kitchen staff is completely unorganized and it made me very weary that GF practices were being followed.

The also forgot our drinks, served several tables before us, and ran out of dessert by the time we wanted to order it. The owner sits at the bar and 'greets' all the customers acting like he's the coolest guy in the world, when his restaurant staff were completely overwhelmed and unorganized.

Updated 6 years ago

Not celiac