Review of Aurelio's Pizza

1975 Springbrook Square Dr, Naperville, IL 60564

Overall Rating

Celiac friendly?



I️ ordered a gluten free pizza with green peppers & mushrooms and a side salad with fresh spinach and mushrooms and the house Italian dressing (GF) on the side. I️ did inform our server that I️ had celiac and was assured the chef would take precautions.There is a disclaimer on the menu that their pizza crust is gluten free but that they cannot guarantee against cross contamination. I️ should have followed my initial instincts and just ordered the salad. Within an hour after eating the pizza I was really sick. Been sick for 2 days. Celiacs and gluten sensitive people be wary. Gave them two stars for good service and because the food was tasty even though it made me sick.

Updated 2 years ago