Review of Bakersfield

1213 Vine St, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Overall Rating


They had a separate, small, gluten free menu. At the bottom was a list of a few things that had beer in the marinade but no other gluten. Service was fine. Food wise, for those of us that are gluten free and those of us who are not, we were over all not impressed. As someone from Texas the Rojo salsa and corn tortillas were the only things truly good. Everything else while eatable really missed the mark, generally by an over all lack of seasoning though things like the guacamole the proportions were off because while they do make it on the premises they do a ton of it ahead of time and have to add waaaaay to much lime to keep it from going brown. I’ve lived in the North East for the last 15 years so I’ve found many a place that was worse than this, and I can definitely see why people who’ve never really had Mexican food like it and it is a place I could kill a craving at if I were desperate, just don’t go expecting really good tacos if you know what authentic ones taste like.

Updated 1 year ago