Review of Bambu Asian Restaurant

1715 Beam Ave, Maplewood, MN 55109

Overall Rating


Went there during lunch time, and learned that the 'special' which included a half portion of an entree and two appetizers, isn't available for g/f customers. Strike one. ( Understand I was coerced into purchasing a dinner size entree..)

I went ahead and ordered an order of the 'egg rolls', which were filled with gross textured pork snoutiness and lacked seasoning. Strike two.

The waiter didn't pay attention to our needs and had a poor attitude. One cup of water and a tea bag for $2.25. Str-ike thr-ee!

Lunch for my two friends and I was $36 w/ tip. Very mediocre at best. Not a repeater.

Updated 8 years ago