Review of Bandar Restaurant

845 4th Ave, San Diego, CA 92101

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NOT Celiac safe! Despite the fact their website AND menu says all food is gluten free, it isn't! Fortunately, I asked before digging into the bread they put on the table. I spoke to the owner, who then proceeded to tell me they had desserts with gluten, plus the bread "of course" had gluten and they couldn't guarantee that my food wouldn't come into contact with gluten. He was very nice and very apologetic. But, their website and menu is completely misleading. Why state all of your food is gluten free when it's not? However, my husband (who can eat gluten) ordered some food to go and said it was very good. So, if you're gluten sensitive, you'd be fine. Celiac, don't waste your time coming here.

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Updated 3 years ago