Review of Beau Jo's Pizza

7525 W 53rd Ave, Arvada, CO 80002

Overall Rating


They used to have a good GF crust but changed it within the last year and now it sucks - mushy, etc. Also, my husband got takeout pizza for us from the new Arvada place, specifically requesting GF, and they screwed up our order, giving me pizza that was NOT GF!!! I had already taken a few bites when I got suspicious and had my husband call them to make sure the pizza was GF. Turns out it wasn't!!!! I had to force myself to throw up what I'd already eaten. Gross but it was better to just force myself to throw up right away to avoid the 24 hour period of nonstop vomiting that follows accidental ingestion of gluten for me, especially since I was pregnant!!! The manager told my husband he would refund our money and talk to the staff, and promised to call us back, but he never did. I will never go back to this place. There are better GF pizza crusts elsewhere such as Woody's Wood-Fired Pizza on Sheridan.

Updated 8 years ago