Review of Beau Jo's Pizza

7525 W 53rd Ave, Arvada, CO 80002

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I had the Italian Turkey sandwich gluten free. I told the waitress before hand that I needed it strictly gluten free with no cross contamination and that I would be testing it with my Nima. She was great and said that if the test found gluten she would work with the manager to find a solution. The sandwich came back and I tested samples every portion, especially scrapings off the bottom where cross contamination frequently happens. Nima found no gluten and I did not get sick from eating the sandwich. A couple of notes: 1. The restaurant was not busy at the time I ordered. 2. I have had Nima test positive for gluten on the same sandwich at a different Beau Jo's that was very busy at the time. Preparation seems to be key here. However, on another trip I ordered the GF cheese bread appetizer after carefully explaining to the server and Nima tested it positive for gluten. You are definitely taking a chance eating here.

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Updated 3 years ago