Review of BJ's Brewhouse

665 N Krocks Rd, Allentown, PA 18106

Overall Rating


UPDATE: Returned and was told by the manager that they do not have a separate fryer and they do not recommend anything fried. GAH. I wonder if they had recently changed the oil the last time I ate here.. so upset that I was lied to the first time. Didn’t get anything fried this time and had a small reaction to gluten... Oh my goodness, I had a burger topped with bacon and brisket with BBQ sauce and a side of fries. It was phenomenal. Also had chips and guacamole for an appetizer (separate fryer) and ice cream for dessert! No reaction and I’m very sensitive. Definitely feel safe here after ordering so many different items during rush hour on a Saturday night. Will be back.

Updated 1 year ago