Review of Blaze Pizza

113 North Peters Road, Knoxville, TN 37923

Overall Rating


Update 9/9/19: Now giving 4 stars. Since this initial review, this has become our go to place for pizza. Also, if you go on a day that Garrett is working, he will take extra good care of your order. He has a Celiac mother so he understands CC first hand. If he is able, he will handle your pizza from start to finish.


There was quite a bit of miscommunication amongst the staff with our three GF pizzas and one rude worker so that didn't help make our first visit there very nice. The manager ended up handling our order but it was a debacle! The pizza is very good and a good size (12"). They changed gloves for us and had a designated handler. They only offer premade salads in the cooler and they were clueless about whether the dressings were GF, even the manager. Another disappointment. We chose to get a Caesar salad and they happily changed out the dressing to balsamic vinaigrette at my request. The salad had been packaged with croutons but they were in a separate section that I removed. I was ready to sit down at that point and didn't let it bother me. Pizza is probably worth a 4 -5 stars but the service and salad situation was a deterrent for sure.

Updated 2 years ago