Review of Boloco

50 Congress St, Boston, MA 02109

Overall Rating


I am so glad I found Boloco as it has become by go to place for a quick breakfast or lunch, when in Boston.

The staff largely doesn't know what is GF is and isnt, but they have a whole allergen list that you can look through. The easy thing is to just avoid the flour wraps, their asian inspired sauces and seemingly most everything else is pretty much fine.

They also will make your breakfast wrap in a bowl as well.

When I would explain that I cannot have gluten, the staff, even if they weren't exactly sure what gluten was, would wash their hands, change their gloves, double check and ask me about each ingredient and have a single person make my bowl.

It is basically a Chipotle but with breakfast and some really cool sauces like buffalo and indian inspired tikka masala.

All in all, the chance for cross contamination is there, as things could fall into different stations, but the staff seemed to do a good job.

I'd recommend their eggs and chorizo bowl for breakfast

Updated 5 years ago