Bonefish Grill

Review by Angie

1761 West State Road 434, Longwood, FL 32750
6 months ago

My husband and I had a 5:15 reservation at the Longwood location today, 1/26/19. We had to walk out due to the service we received. I have celiac disease. I cannot eat gluten for the rest of my life. We came across Bonefish and we’re happy to put this restaurant in our rotation of safe places to eat due to the gluten free menu. Tonight, we received incredibly unprofessional and insensitive service from our server. Upon arrival, the server, without introducing herself, placed a large loaf of bread in front of me. My husband stated “Oh no, she can’t have that...” She gave a very upset and annoyed face and took the bread away in a huff before we could explain why. My husband and I sat there wondering what just happened. A few minutes later she arrived again and literally threw our black napkins at us on the table and asked if we wanted water. I stated to her “I’m sorry we had to say no to the bread but I have celiac disease and cannot eat any kind of gluten. It’s not by choice.” Her response was to laugh and ask us again “So, do you want water?” We felt as though she was not hearing what we were saying as far as the celiac and we lost complete confidence in the service we would receive. We were worried about whether the celiac disease would be communicated to the kitchen. She seemed so annoyed by us. It’s so hard to go out to eat being someone with celiac. When you don’t receive the support from a waiter or waitress, you know that’s your cue to go. So that is what we did. We let the hostess know that we were not going to be staying due to the service we received. She offered for us to speak to the manager but we were so turned off that we opted not to. I am saddened at the fact that Bonefish is now going to be off of our very limited rotation of safe restaurants to eat at. I hope someone speaks to this server about her lack of sensitivity towards someone with a serious food related disease.