Review of BoomerJack's

2300 Airport Fwy, Bedford, TX 76022

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I have Celiac and I ate at Boomerjack's last night. I was so hopeful (naive?), but I was 100% "glutened" there. (Still feeling the effects as I type this.) I live less than 10 min away, so this is very disappointing.

It seems the only way you can truly trust a restaurant is if they're exclusively GF or if the chef is highly aware of Celiac and makes sure his STAFF is well-trained & conscientious when preparing GF offerings.

I understand that it isn't easy for a restaurant to provide GF offerings, but Boomers shouldn't be promoting a dedicated GF menu if they aren't willing to properly train their staff & ensure that protocols are enforced. They're playing around with people's health.

Celiac friendly?


Updated 3 years ago