Review of Bounty on Broad

2519 Broad Ave, Memphis, TN 38112

Overall Rating


Heard and read nothing but great reviews- was anticipating this visit the last few times we came to Memphis. But... sat down asked the waitress a few questions since my wife has celiac and the waitress was really vague. Said she would check with the chef about a dish. Another waiter Jared who was gracious to assist us asked if anyone has helped us -we said yes another waitress went to check on some information but hasn’t returned. Jared came back a few minutes later and said there was confusion and he would be helping us with our order now. I asked what was the confusion he said the other waitress said she explained it to us well enough and that’s why she didn’t return. All we can say is wow how unprofessional is that in a place that caters to celiac And food sensitivities. So we got up and left- Mgmt needs to reevaluate that waitress - apparently she doesn’t have the compassion and the vision of why the owner started this restaurant.

Updated 2 years ago