Review of Burger Bach

10 South Thompson Street, Richmond, VA 23221

Overall Rating


There is a 2nd location at West Broad Village near Short Pump. Different vibe, equally delicious food and knowledgeable staff. This is a New Zealand gastro pub. Clean, responsibly sourced food. I am gluten intolerant, not Celiacs, but don't really know. I can tell you I get darn sick if exposed to gluten, but I have never had a problem at either the Carytown or W Broad Village locations. Stay away from any barbecue or hoisin sauces. Try the cilantro dip -- DELISH! GF bun available as well as lettuce wrap. Both carry a $1 up charge. GF cider and sometimes a refreshing ale. NZ beef, lamb, chicken options. Oh, the fries! So yummy. Burger Bach uses heat-extruded, highly refined peanut oil for its fries. My daughter is extremely peanut-allergic and eats safely here, including the fries. We usually start with shrimp cooked in wine, butter and garlic. Avoid the toast points. You won't miss them. Do speak to staff about your specific concerns. They are knowledgeable.

Updated 5 years ago