Burger Lounge

Review by Laurie

406 University Avenue, San Diego, CA 92103
2 months ago
Not celiac friendly

5 star burger tasted awesome. I got their classic burger and asked for no sauce, no fries and anything that could be "iffy." I am lazy and do not bother with getting ingredients to sauces and just nix them. To make it "easy" on everyone, I even told him to have the chef nix anything on the burger not ceiliac safe (bad idea... should have done the usual 20 minute grind before ordering... so not entirely their fault). I should have looked closer at the ingredients list and itemized for the server, because my burger came with pickles... not all pickles are safe. I paid the price the next morning. For all I know, it may have been other cross-contamination in the kitchen. So, mainly my fault for not micromanaging. 4 star rating since I know they probably tried to be accommodating, but I doubt cross-contamination is at ceiliac or severe intolerance level. Those with allergy may be fine since they can have a slightly higher gluten tollerance than celiacs (yes, I am taking you guys seriously). FRIES ARE A NO! They may have separate fryers, but share the same oil as breaded products.