Review of Caramel Sarrasin

47 Rue du Faubourg Montmartre, 75009 Paris, France 75009

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Celiac friendly?



Staff is very knowledgable about the needs for Celiac’s. Crêpes (wheat based) are prepared separately from the galettes (buckwheat) Staff is multi-lingual (as is the menu; French and English) and very friendly. The galette menu isn’t as extensive as the crêpe menu, but they will make anything from the crêpe menu as a galette (though some of the more subtle flavors may be lost to the buckwheat, but it is a moot point for most of us on here as we can’t have the crêpes anyhow). The desserts are under the crêpe menu, just remember to ask for it as a galette, though they will likely take the initiative and make it as a galette if you have already spoken to them about making sure your meal is “sans gluten”. If you are considering the Nutella, take their subtle hint and try something with the chestnut creme instead (not dairy cream, but creme as in ground to a paste and slightly sweetened). Not anywhere near as over bearing as the Nutella and pairs nicely with banana (Banana Juju Split on galette). Only stomach pain is from eating too much (though I haven’t been glutened once this past week in France. The French seem to have a better handle on it than most restaurants in the US that supposedly cater to gluten free and Celiac’s. Just watch the fried foods, friers are typically shared and that isn’t on most people’s radars). If you haven’t adjusted to the later French dinners and need something a little lighter and earlier, this is an excellent place to go. You can be eating by 6:45 if the place isn’t overly packed (common for lunch).

Updated 7 months ago