Carthay Circle Restaurant

Review by becca

Anaheim, CA 92802
1 year ago


The waiter was amazing. The atmosphere was amazing. The “gf bread” I was served was indeed a cut up burger bun toasted and buttered. 😞The wine the waiter picked for me was great. My kids are not GF and ordered the gnocchi, they were not big fans of it. My sea bass was bland and not entirely cooked. Disappointed for sure. I am used to incredible GF food at a restaurant in my hometown in Tucson, AZ. The Wild Garlic trounced Carthey Circle in terms of flavor, variety and far more reasonable with better portions. Our tummies were upset the following morning too...hmmmm. Missed a half day at the parks due to the upset. Again the waiter was amazing! It is just not worth the price for the food or the time we missed at the parks due to tummy issues.