Review of Chipotle

3380 SW Cedar Hills, Beaverton, OR 97005

Overall Rating


I've had good luck at other Chipotle restaurants but my experience here today was bizarre. When I asked for gluten-free the guy taking my order disappeared, then someone else appeared and asked what I wanted (again) while she pulled spoons (then she disappeared), then I ordered again and that guy grabbed a wheat tortilla, then someone else told him to change gloves. Then a new person appeared. It was apparent they were making the effort but having to order 4 different times was chaotic and confusing. When I said, "you're the fourth person who's taken my order," the guy responded, "we've all been trained." Awesome... Except after all that drama, my food was definitely contaminated. I was violently ill within minutes (and hours later, still sick.) I've had good luck at other Chipotles. I had a bad feeling when the service was so weird. Not sure why it was so crazy at this one today.

Updated 6 years ago