Review of ClockWork Rose Tea Emporium

12412 SW Broadway St, Beaverton, OR 97005

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I have Celiac disease and I've learned that going out to eat at non-gluten-free establishments usually means subpar substitutions for my meal (sad gluten-free bread, subbing salads or fruit instead of tastier, gluteny/cross-contaminated items). And in general that's fine, I am thrilled when any accommodation is made for my bummer autoimmune problem.

I went to high tea with a group of my friends (I neither like tea, nor was I looking forward to what constituted a gluten-free high tea). Instead of being thrown some fruit and salad, I was thrilled by Clockwork Rose's gf efforts. The chef ensured that my tea (meal) was not only gf and delicious, but that I received an almost identical menu to the gluteny one my friends were enjoying. There were delicate savory pastries, a delicious creamy soup, tiny pies, chocolates, and cookies, and some incredibly lovely scones (the best I've had period, not just gf). I don't know how the chef managed to tease out the textures and flavors from gf flour, but she did it and she did it incredibly well. Those extra efforts only required a heads up before the reservation and an extra $3.

The other surprise I encountered is that I like tea, or at least the tea served here. In addition to having a person on staff who will describe the extensive tea list to you (and he's refreshingly straight-forward if you give him your preferences), the tea is delicious--rich and full-bodied, and even decadent.

I'm a convert and I will be back. Thank you so very much for a wonderful meal and a lovely time!

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