Review of Corner Bakery Cafe

6100 Topanga Canyon Pl #1330, Woodland Hills, CA 91367

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I have gone to other Corner Bakery locations without a problem. I went to this location at the Promenade yesterday and it was a nightmare. I asked the person at the counter if they had a gf menu or allergy list. She said no but they have gf wraps they can make any of the sandwiches with. So I asked which sandwich meats were gf. She said "the only gf thing we have is the wraps" so I asked what goes in them and she was confused. Again I asked if they had an allergen list. She pulled out a book and proceeded to read a list of "gf items." It sounded weird because she was listing croutons. I asked if I could see it. She was listing every item where there was a check for "contains gluten" as the ones that were gluten free. I spoke to the manager and he did not seem much clearer on it. If this was an anaphylactic allergy, they could have killed someome...

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Updated 3 years ago