Corner Bakery

Review by Kay M

3375 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, CA 94306
2 years ago

So, very recently ate here with my kids. Very little in the way of options for me (Celiac with a dairy allergy too). I got the only thing I could which was a flat-bread style sandwich. I ended up having the most meat in my sandwich of the 4 of us. And I'm usually the vegetarian. But that option was practically nil as well. Okay pricing for this area and typical. About $9/person for sandwich and tiny soup. Thin sandwiches for all 3 kids. (we were all hungry about an hour later) Only dairy or gluten soups available, no options without GF/DF. No desserts were GF nor DF. Lack of a substantial sandwich will not bring us there again, although they tasted good, the value wasn't there, honestly.