Review of Cottage Inn Gourmet Pizza

12830 S Saginaw Rd, Grand Blanc, MI 48439

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Celiac friendly?



I only wont give this location 5 stars because it isnt a dedicated gf facility, but of note those places dont exist in this area. I have been going here for over 5 years and not only have they been great, but honest too. They have said the only possible cc is in the oven, but they do try to do the gf stuff separate if they can so that you do have to be aware of and ask about. They have bread and pizza here and its pretty damn good too. I was also told by the owner in the past as this used to be my go to lunch place for over a year too because they were located close to my workplace...i had plwnty of chances to communicate with them....anyway he said the absolute safest thing for a celiac to order there is their subs as even in the oven those are wrapped in foil. Their subs are like a big airy pita bread that is gf rather than a sub bun and i highly recommend their italian sub as that is the best sub. Sooooo good. Having this place around is awesome and I've had a very long term relationship with them. Highly recommend. Of note....i have tried other locations. They are NOT like this one. This review is very much only for thos location alone.

Updated 1 year ago