Review of Crepes Paulette

100 SW 8th St, Bentonville, AR 72712

Overall Rating


I want to give this more stars because I do believe they are save and knowledgeable. But I’m rating on my first and only experience. We are on vacation from Texas. We see this in the app and think .. perfect! So we go in. I talk to the young man at the register in depth about gluten free. He assured me they’d take care of me. I ordered two crepes. Breakfast and dessert. I get my crepes and everything looks good. They forgot my eggs in my breakfast crepe. I don’t say anything I just eat it. Tasted good no problem. I look at my dessert crepe and looks just like my husbands version. I question it to him. He says you know I think it’s ok you talked to him for 10 minutes. He assured you he would take care of you. He has an intolerance and says he’s eaten here and works here for 3 years. No problems. So I eat half of it and decided I can’t let it go. So I go ask. The Mgr. She comes over and looks at it and says... that’s not gluten free. I’m sorry we can’t change it now but I’ll have him make you a new one. Gf. I just burst into tears and run for the bathroom to vomit my whole stomach up. I’m crying and so upset I can’t even come out of the bathroom. I text my husband and tell him I’m not coming back out. I’m heading right out the exit to the truck. I’m a wreck. So I did. My husband comes out and says he tore into the mgr and she was sooooo sorry and upset and wanting to fix it. So she did give us a full refund. It took me an hour to stop crying about it. I was sooo scared of what was going to happen to me in about 3 hours. I am happy to say that I have not had any reaction. I think it’s because I didn’t start digesting it. I got it all out. I honestly think this place is ok. But for future reference to anyone that goes there... ask before and when they bring your food out. Triple check to make sure your getting GF food. I’m not bashing them. They’re human and they make mistakes. But for someone with celiac disease it can be devastating effects. Just my experience at this location. I can not go back and try again. I’ll be too scared. But I think they will learn from this experience the same as I did.

Updated 2 years ago