D'Agostino's Pizza & Pub

Review by Bob

3131 Thatcher Ave, River Grove, IL 60171
2 years ago

OMG this is one of the worst restaurants I've been to in a long time. My comment is based solely on the horrible, unprofessional service. I went Saturday in with some friends at a reserved table to watch the UFC fights and were there approx. 4 hours. I and the people I was with each ordered non-alcoholic drinks. The whole evening I got literally 1 refill and I actually had to ask my server for it. This after he refilled my friends drink which was right next to mine. My glass was EMPTY. Any server knows to just offer to refill a drink or at least ask if you want another one. We would have most likely ordered more items if the guy would have come around more often. You'd think that from a business perspective that getting customers to spend money is your mission statement. Never-mind earning a tip... Next we ordered chicken wings. When they arrived they came with NO napkins or utensils. As I looked around the restaurant at other tables I saw that this was the case for everyone. I had to walk over to the bar to request napkins because my server's presence was far and few between. When he did come back it was to take other orders in that area. Again no refills but what was worse was the fact that he left the chicken bones as well as other dirty plates at the table for most of the evening. Again we were there for 4 HOURS! A little while later I heard the manager speaking my server and stating that table #25 required service. The servers response was to state loudly enough for me and other customers to hear "What the F**K! Why won;'t those F**kin' people leave?! I couldn't believe it. You'd expect the manager to pull the guy aside and reprimand him for his behavior but that didn't happen. This tells me that the culture among the staff is poor from management on down the chain. Very unprofessional... He was also very rude, short, and flippant each time we inconvenienced him enough to actually ask him to serve us. This was a horrible dining experience! To be treated so poorly is inexcusable.