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435 W Bandera Rd, Boerne, TX 78006

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I have Refractory Celiac Disease and therefore must be extremely careful what I eat. I came here with family and was planning on not eating. However, the waitress convinced me to give their GF items a shot. The GF items/options are clearly marked on the menu. However, I was still nervous so I turned into the customer that most servers probably hate and heavily questioned their cooking and food safety practices. (But, hey - when getting glutened could potentially mean a hospital stay, you do what you gotta do.) The good news - they are supposed to use separate grills for gluten containing items (such as pancakes) and GF items (such as eggs). Now, when I pushed it they said it may or may not always happen that way. But, they would clean the grill and ensure there was no cross-contamination. BUT, here's the bad news, and where they are probably making a lot of people sick... The English Muffin is clearly labeled as GF on the menu. But, when I questioned them on how it is prepared - it goes in the SAME TOASTER as all the other bread. There is no other option for the English Muffin. So, it will be cross-contaminated 100% of the time. So, if you have Celiac Disease do NOT get the English Muffin even though it is labeled as GF.

So, if you question them and make them do the right thing, and don't eat the English Muffin, you should be safe. Just don't expect to order items labeled as GF with no follow up and expect to not get glutened.

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