Down to Earth Coffee House

Review by susan

30 Hebron Ave, Glastonbury, CT 06033
3 years ago
Celiac friendly

How to spot a great coffee house? Hipsters making coffee on a semi automatic espresso machine! I had to write a review for Down to Earth Tea & Coffee House today because I saw it featured in the Hartford Courant's CTNOW January 14, 2016 edition, "JAVA JOINTS- 20 coffee houses serious about their coffee" Down to Earth ranked # 4. I'm only one town away so I made the trek. From the moment I entered I felt an immediate calm and relaxed atmosphere. The interaction I had with the barista and staff was friendly and very educational. I didn't really understand the whole fair trade/organic business but was quickly educated. They promptly made the lattes I ordered for myself and my mother. The lattes were excellent (creamy and not bitter at all) and made at the perfect temperature. Not like the chain coffee houses where your mouth is scalded and the espresso machines are completely skills needed there. The barista uses a semi automatic machine, this means the beans are ground, measured precisely, weighed and tamped with perfect pressure as you wait, this also ensures you get the freshest & highest quality shot. I was impressed by the craftsmanship of the drink. No fancy Latte art just pure delicious and authentic espresso drinks free of harmful chemicals. Their espresso is a secret house-blend but they will make you a single serve from any of their 16+ single if you want Honduran, Mexican or coffee from Congo they can quickly pull a shot for you. Their known for gluten-free and vegan fare but also offer traditional food as well. Bonus! My only negative is the lack of music but I was told (more education here) businesses must have a license to play ANY music that is copyrighted, but this small (no fault of theirs) negative will not be judged and I will definitely return and bring friends and colleagues. This is not a fast food joint! Coffee making is a skill, their soups, salads and sandwiches are prepared per order with fresh organic produce...not previously chopped sitting in a prepping station or soup that has been sitting in a warming tray all day. So my suggestion is, plan accordingly if you're on a lunch break and just call them :) They told me they would have my lunch ready to pick up if I call ahead. Because they offer free WiFi and the seating areas are cozy and some are tucked away, this would be a fantastic spot for studying, business meetings or conducting an interview. I love their hashtag #sipsustainably and their efforts on educating the public when it comes to organic, local, fair trade and sustainability. I will NEVER drink non-organic coffee again