Review by JoAnn

43 E Ohio St, Chicago, IL 60611
2 years ago


Celiac friendly?



Ate here last weekend with my daughter. They are more dismissive with my concern than dutiful, but I think because they deal with it all the time. They answered all the right questions about using a separate pot, etc. They can do any of the pastas (except ravioli of course). However, I ordered off the fresh section instead of Imported, and they didn't tell me until I was finished that it was sold in a package in their store, not make by them. But it was good anyway. I had the seafood pasta with a tomato/wine sauce, and my daughter loved her Buccatini. They had a good Italian wine I enjoy at home As well. For dessert I went downstairs and had the granita. I think I could have had the gelato but didn't want to think about CC. Great service and I would come again if my family "needed" Italian.