Review of Eataly

43 E Ohio St, Chicago, IL 60611

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Celiac friendly?



I have a wheat allergy so stepping foot in Eataly was a bad idea. Headache and fatigue about five minutes after being there. I shopped for 20 minutes and found wheat replacements for both pasta and crackers before sitting down at Osteria. By then I had worked up an appetite for pasta, only to be informed that they only serve gf pasta at one of the other restaurants. Because we were settled into a bottle, we opted to sit tight. We ordered the charcuterie plate - it was delivered beautifully, but without any explanation of what was on the board (and it wasn’t listed on the menu). I opted for the octopus and broccoli, which were both good, but not mind blowing for the price. Overall the Osteria service was blah - I haven’t left a 15% tip in a long time. Dessert wasn’t offered - we went downstairs for gelato that was delicious and reasonably priced. I won’t go back - wasn’t worth the physical ailments.

Updated 10 months ago

Not celiac