Review of El Loco Mexican Cafe

465 Madison Ave, Albany, NY 12210

Overall Rating

Celiac friendly?



After multiple attempts to order the GF tacos, staff insisted I get the fajitas ‘because they look better and the tacos fall apart’. Most of the meat choices have gluten in the seasoning so I was told Only chicken or veggies. When the fajitas came the tortillas were flour. I didn’t realize until I took a bite (after all the fuss over my order I figured they HAD to be corn tortillas. No way could they be flour.) I asked the staff to confirm they were corn and they were indeed flour. They promptly apologized and brought my dish back to the kitchen-they replaced the tortillas and lettuce but did not replace the rest of the meal which is no bueno for celiacs and I’m pretty sure is against sanitary guidelines. The food wasn’t spectacular and I was sick for three days. Oh, and the fajitas fell apart bc obviously it was the same tortillas as the tacos would have been. I’ve never given such a slamming review before but it was a bad experience. At least staff were very nice and they took my meal off the bill.

Updated 2 months ago