Review of Fleming's

179 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91105

Overall Rating


At their Happy Hour from the bar, I ordered the Tenderloin Carpaccio without crostini and The Prime Burger without the bun or cheese. Since I am allergic to gluten and dairy. I asked for the Carpaccio without the creamy mayo sauce and they put capers on instead. The burger came with shoestring fries, which I tested with my Nima tester. At another location I read online that the fries would likely have cross-contamination issues. When I tested the fries with my Nima tester it showed that trace amounts of gluten was found. Fried Calamari is on the menu, so they probably use the same fryer. Overall the server seemed to be pretty accommodating to my needs. But admittedly the bar was slammed and perhaps she didn't understand that cross-contamination could be an issue. Many servers still don't seem to understand that food preparation is a key to making things Gluten-free and that people who cannot tolerate any amounts of gluten cannot tolerate any sort of cross-contamination. It's always a good idea to always ask about how the food is prepared and ask about potential cross-contamination especially with fried items when ordering. I don't believe the menu listed that the fries were included with the burger either. So be aware of these sorts of surprise sides. Aside from the fries, the rest of what I ordered seemed to not create any allergic reactions. Both dishes tasted delicious, were made from quality ingredients and the price was right considering most items outside of happy hour are about double the price.

Updated 3 years ago