Review of Fresh Thymes Eatery

2500 30th Street #101, Boulder, CO 80301

Overall Rating


I was stoked to see this place was 100% gluten free based on the great reviews. I am a very sensitive Celiac and loved that I didn't have to worry at all about eating here. But I did in fact get very very sick an hour after eating here, and I know it was for sure a gluten reaction somehow. I got the chicken sandwich with the black bean salad and it was the only thing I ate, so I knew it was what gave me a reaction. I'm not sure if they're just gluten free for the trend but I'd just be weary eating here. Everyone else's reviews seem like they didn't get sick but I somehow did. So again if you're Celiac just ask LOTS of questions and even ask to see the ingredients of things like breads and how things are cooked. Such a bummer! EDIT: found out I have the same reaction to oats as I do gluten, so what I got maybe had oat flour in it or maybe I still somehow got glutened. If you’re Celiac, I would still be cautious about cross-contamination or if you have a reaction to oats as you do gluten.


Is ALL the food in this establishment gluten-free?

— All food is gluten free, some drinks may not be gluten-free

Quality & Quantity

How would you rate the taste and quality of the gluten-free food you tried?

— Good

Updated 9 months ago