Review of Fuzzy's Taco Shop

13230 Pawnee Dr, Oklahoma City, OK 73134

Overall Rating


I read great reviews on here about it being celiac friendly. I never eat out due to cross contamination but wanted to do so with my family over the holidays. I was most excited about the dedicated fryer for their chips; however their second fryer was broken so they were putting everything in one. I was really disappointed but they did have a decent sized gf menu. I ordered their cheese dip with tortillas and soft beef tacos. Others ordered steak nachos. Everything was extremely good and fresh! Afterwards, I did get really tired and had a small upset stomach but that could’ve been other factors; I did not have any of my typical exposure reactions. I will definitely go back!

Edit: I have since found out that the beef tacos have gluten. My symptoms of exposure have changed a little now and I hadn’t realized it. I changed my rating down to 4 stars bc the staff should’ve informed me I can’t have beef tacos.

Updated 1 year ago