Review of Ginger-Thai Restaurant

2861 Logan St, Nashville, TN 37211

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Was feeling some Thai food last night and went to the closest Thai place to our house. I've been trying a gluten-free diet for the past few weeks to help with some stomach troubles I've been experiencing for quite a while, so I was asking lots of questions regarding whether this or that was made with wheat, etc. Thank goodness Tip was there! Tip's family owns the restaurant and she works there about once a week. Tip's son is celiac and her family cooks things especially for him so they know all about cooking gluten free and making sure there's no cross-contamination, etc. Tip was kind enough to direct me through the menu and to answer all my questions about going gluten free. She also gave me some great tips on where to buy the best gluten free stuff in the area! Her sister, Megan, works there Mon-Fri and knows a ton about making gluten-free versions of menu items, too. I'm SO HAPPY I went in and met these amazing women. AND I have a go-to Thai place when I'm craving my Tom Yum Goong.. which is ALWAYS (FYI: the Tom Yum Goong I ordered last night was BOMB!). Come visit these amazing people! I believe they're coming out with a gluten free menu soon, as well!

Celiac friendly?


Updated 6 years ago