Glory Days Grill

Review by Bazia

1220 E Joppa Rd, Towson, MD 21286
4 months ago


2:30pm on Friday- I had bone in chicken wings from dedicated fryer and coleslaw and no gluten reaction. I’m also very sensitive histamine which means food needs to be fresh are I respond and still no issues. My husband enjoyed the burger and the bun by Udis was much better quality than their retail product. The fries are not much to write home about but from a dedicated fryer and I had a few and no issues. We ate on the patio and it was comfortable with friendly service and accommodating attitude towards our dietary requirements. It is a sports bar so not sure neurologically I could handle dining in the interior with TVs everywhere although it wasn’t crazy noisy just a huge amount of visual stimulation if that’s an issue you may be able to find a corner that is less stimulating. Be warned the commentary in the ladies bathroom was pretty noisy. In summary safe and affordable.