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2395 S Hwy 27, Clermont, FL 34711

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Updated note: still outstanding and everything is perfect, but two reviews mentioned NIMA, and that device is well known to give false positives and is not scientifically accurate as any research will show you. That device is not at all trust worthy. Original review below:

Goomba’s is absolutely incredible, and I believe that nothing I say will do it justice. Instead of focusing on the food and staff in general (all are excellent), I was to focus on something important: the gluten free menu. My girlfriend has Celiac Disease, so outside of Disney World and a handful of other locations, it is difficult to find somewhere good she can eat. We saw that they had a gluten free menu, and upon arrival, it was a true actual menu (not just a portion of the regular one). All of the staff was exceptionally knowledgeable about the disease and the precautions for food preparation. We were advised that the owner herself suffers from Celiac Disease, and that is one of the primary reasons that they go out of their way to ensure an incredible array of food for those that suffer from it or other gluten-intolerance diseases. My food, which was not gluten free, was amazing, and it was one of the best pizzas that I have had in years (and I mean that). My girlfriend said with zero hesitation and no exaggeration that it was the best pizza that she has ever had. Their regular menu and quality of service alone would have ensured that I recommended it, but add in the gluten-friendly menu and other items, as well as the very fair price and awesome employees, and it ensures we will be going back over and over. Goomba’s is HIGHLY recommended.

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