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3321 Hyland Avenue, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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Do not come here if you want to actually get the item you ordered, and especially don't come here if you actually have celiac.

Twice now I have ordered an item with "Keto" in the title. By definition, Keto is low carb and according to their menu they use a grain free/gluten free tortilla. Twice I ordered this item online and put "GLUTEN ALLERGY" in the notes just to be safe. And twice I've received the item with a wheat tortilla instead. The receipt taped to my takeout container even read:



Really??? It's a good thing I read the receipt before eating. This has been a frustrating and dangerous experience


Update: They replied to my complaint and stated that they do not currently offer any "pure Keto items" on their menu. I went ahead and sent them screenshots from three different menus of theirs (their doordash menu, their website PDF menu, and their website interactive menu) to show the menu item I ordered called the "Keto Carnitas Bowl". I would hope they'd know their own menu well enough or at least take the time to check their menu before replying. Or I suppose it's possible that just calling a menu item Keto doesn't mean it's "purely Keto"? Keto is pretty cut and dry. I'm not quite sure what partially Keto would be??

You have to ask them for their gluten-free options. Some servers seem more confident than others, and items can have ingredients substituted without any warning. Not safe for celiacs.


How confident are you that this establishment takes safety precautions against cross-contamination?

— Not at all

Quality & Quantity

Is there a gluten-free menu?

— No gluten-free information on the menu

How much of the menu is available gluten-free?

— Some

How would you rate the taste and quality of the gluten-free food you tried?

— Good


Other Characteristics
  • Offers delivery
  • Offers online ordering
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