278a, Highland Ave, Somerville, MA 02143

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Celiac friendly?



This place just opened, by the owners of 3 Little Figs! Their menu is completely gluten-free, and there is no gluten in their kitchen (even the oat milk they use is certified GF). However, the owner Katie let me know that some of the HC items are prepared in the ovens next door at 3 Little Figs, so this isn't technically a dedicated GF facility. They take precautions, cooking GF items at the end of the day to minimize cc from the baking that happens at Figs, and they use clean pans with sheet liners. Smoothies are completely prepared in the GF kitchen. Happy this place is here! Definitely a great spot for GF folks, and the owners said they feel confident celiacs will be safe here too.

Updated 2 years ago