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2187 S Telegraph Rd, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302

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Well, it’s Saturday afternoon. Pancakes (web site states GF pancakes)sounded good to both of us. After reading some of the reviews we decided to move forward regardless. As we walked in the Hostess loudly announced that “There were twenty tables that needed waiting on and the kitchen had numerous tickets to yet prepare. Be aware that your tickets will be waiting behind all to the others. I can seat you but....” The parking lot was not full, there were a number of empty tables and a line of about 14 people. Most, if not all of the seated tables were waiting to have orders taken. Staff appeared to be moving in slow motion. The kitchen staff was undaunted and maybe careless of the situation? None of that “ Well oiled” appearance one observes in a well managed kitchen. Needless to say, we left. Honestly, this is one if he most poorly managed establishments I have attended in a long time! IHOP, PLEASE GET IT TOGETHER. OVER THE YEARS YOU HAVE BECOME A HOUSEHOLD NAME AND GO TO PLACE! WITH THIS TYPE OF EXPERIENCE....I JUST DO NOT KNOW IF WE WILL COME BACK?

Updated 3 months ago

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