Review of Ike's Sandwiches

1130 W Grove Ave #110, Mesa, AZ 85210

Overall Rating

Celiac friendly?



They have a separate station where they prep gluten free sandwiches. But they put it through the same oven as other bread so crumbs are flying everywhere in the oven causing cross contamination. I've eaten here over 30 times and I'm a celiac and I've gotten sick half the time. But most recently I did not get sick and they offered to make the sandwich without toasting it, so I can take it home and toast myself. Since I'm a celiac I can't eat here really but I still do every now and then because they are so good. If you're not a celiac you gotta try this place. It's a 5/5 stars but since it's not fully safe for celiacs I gotta go 4.

Updated 2 months ago