Review of Jake's Cakes And Baked Goods

524 N Main St, Pueblo, CO 81003

Overall Rating


I'm not sure about most of their protocols, but Jake has Celiac in his family, so is very knowledgeable. He puts the gluten free items on the top shelf of the display case.

We got there late in the day, so most of his gluten free products were already sold out, but he made a batch of cookies just for us. As for quality, some of the BEST gluten free cookies I have ever eaten - maybe the very best. I've been gluten free for 15 years or so, and don't remember non gluten free products to compare, but my girlfriend is not gluten free and agreed they were exceptional cookies.

Jake met us when we entered the store. He is extremely kind and friendly. If we are ever back in the area (we were traveling), we plan to revisit his store (and probably pre-order something) if for no other reason than that. But luckily, we have another reason - his cookies were AMAZING! When we were chatting upon initial arrival, he commenting that he makes some really good gluten free cupcakes, so it's a shame he was already bought out earlier that day. I was thinking, "I've heard that before. We'll be the judge if they are good or not." Well, he offered to make a batch of cookies just for us. We were passing through, but he suggested we go get lunch, and when we return, he'll have some ready. And if we don't return, no hard feelings. He'll make them just in case. Well, we returned, and his cookies were DELICIOUS. If they are any indication of his cupcakes, he was spot on.

I cannot overstate Jake's kindness and friendliness, either. He offered us a sample cookie before purchasing, so we ended up with a baker's dozen for only $10.00!! He also recommended his non gluten free soft pretzel for my girlfriend because they are a store favorite. She was reluctant because she tries to remain gluten free when with me, but she accepted. She said it was delicious, as well and even ate the whole thing, which I never would have expected her to do!

As for the cookies, well, we ate all the rest of them by the following day, and only because we tried really hard to spread them out - otherwise they'd have been our supper.

Highly recommend. The bulk of his business is pre-order, so you'll need to get there early and/or call and order in advance, but his products are worth it and he's worth it - a local small business I'm proud to support and recommend.


How confident are you that this establishment takes safety precautions against cross-contamination?

— Very

Safety Feature Ratings
  • Staff is knowledgeable and can answer questions
  • Staff will clean kitchen space or change gloves if asked
  • Food comes out flagged or marked gluten-free

Quality & Quantity

Is there a gluten-free menu?

— Gluten-free items are marked on the main menu

How much of the menu is available gluten-free?

— Some

How would you rate the taste and quality of the gluten-free food you tried?

— Excellent


Other Characteristics
  • Good for takeout
Updated 3 months ago