Review of Joe's Crab Shack

2607 W. Pacific Coast Hwy., Newport Beach, CA 92663

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Celiac friendly?



Usually I get the Cajun bucket. It has always been great. This time I just wanted a salad because I'm cutting down on meat. When I had questions about a couple items the server brought the GF menu. Both salads were listed as GF w/o croutons. I ordered the chopped salad. It came w/o dressing. The server told me that it was in there, so I went digging. Good thing too. I found two croutons hiding in the depths. When I pointed it out she offered to take it back so they could pick out the croutons. I told them that picking them out didn't matter. If the were in there at all I couldn't eat any of it. She said that they would make me a new one. The new salad looked ok, but I dug through it anyway. It seemed ok, but I still got sick. I suspect the salads are premixed with croutons. How else would strays get in there? Are you ok with them picking the croutons out by hand? Stick to the crab buckets. Avoid the salads.

Updated 2 years ago