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54 Pharr Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30305

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Celiac friendly?



We are a celiac family. We were visiting from California and found Karma Farm. Unless you have celiac disease, NCGS or a severe allergy, you can not imagine how delighted we were to find this dedicated GF restaurant. Even better, they offered farm-to-table foods that were fresh and delicious. There was something for everyone. We appreciated meeting the owners. They were so helpful and explained how they work with suppliers to insure everything is indeed gluten free. They also told us they are the first restaurant to obtain a GF certification. Something that the Gluten Free Watchdog and other celiac disease advocates have been working on. Each dish listed all the ingredients which is useful since so many celiacs have additional intolerances or allergies. Thank you Karma Farms! We look forward to eating at your restaurant in the future. We wish you were in Los Angeles.

Updated 5 months ago