La Bella Napoli Pizzeria

Review by JillyJean

6599 S Las Vegas Blvd #210, Las Vegas, NV 89119
2 years ago
Celiac friendly

Hands down the best gluten free pizza I have ever had! Any pizza on the menu can be made on a GF crust for a very small fee. The dough is made in house and is not only delicious but actually makes a full size pizza, not like other establishments that charge more for half the size.I had the Chef pizza and the La Bella salad and could taste the freshness in every ingredient. After ordering the owner came out to let me know that my pizza would take a bit longer but only because they would take the time to clean everything before cooking. My non-GF husband and mother both had the "all you can eat" pizza lunch special which also came with a salad. This was no typical buffet-style pizza. A whole fresh pizza was served at the table and as soon as the pizza was gone, a new one appeared in front of us. I'm guessing it was good... aside from the occasional grunt or "mmmmm" noise I didn't hear much out of my husband for the next half hour.Our service was wonderful and we plan on visiting again sooner than later. The owner was great to chat with and he must have visited our table three or four times to check in on us.