La Magie Bakery & Cafe

Review by Amber P

945 NW Bond St, Bend, OR 97701
3 years ago

La Magie has been the absolute worst experience I could have imagined, and almost ruined the surprise party I hosted. Everything started out great, I was promptly helped, the friendly girl took my order, read it back to me to ensure it was accurate, then gave me a price quote, with the disclaimer that if the price happened to be different I would receive a call, and the price would be discussed at that time. I called a little over a week in advance of needing my cake to ensure there was plenty of time for any unexpected circumstances; To my utter dismay I received a call after 3:30 pm the day before I needed the cake from a rude, non-customer orientated woman. The woman refused to work with me on what I wanted, and refused to problem solve with me, instead she kept telling me to change the type of cake and frosting I wanted, or to go somewhere else. With how rude and unhelpful she was, I told her very plainly I would love to take my business elsewhere, but unfortunately with her giving me such little notice I have no choice, but to stick with La Magie. There wasn't enough time for another bakery to get my special order together, I know, because after our conversation I tried. At this point I'm stressed out to the max, because I have no idea what to expect when I pick up my cake, and there's no time to create a back up plan. Adding insult to injury, when I pick up my cake it wasn't the agreed upon $35, the price got jacked up to an unreasonable $55 which wasn't discussed; if I could have, I would have just walked out, but unfortunately the surprise party was in less than an hour, and again I was left with no choices. The cake decorator had refused to do any airbrushing so the cake was mediocre, which I could tolerate, because at least there was something, but it wasn't even a true 3 layer cake, and the cake itself was lacking flavor. I ordered lemon poppy seed, and sadly there wasn't even the faintest hint of lemon flavoring. We were all so disappointed in the flavor of the cake, that no one finished their slices, and I ended up tossing the dry gray blob. Everyone at the party was asking me where I got the cake, so they could make sure to not go there, and in detail I explained my whole experience. I'm so embarrassed by the cake, absolutely appalled by the service, and feel taken advantage of by the fact I was charged $55, when that was not the agreed upon price. La Magie has been the worst, most stressful cake buying experience ever, and from now on, I'm going to the Market of Choice Bakery where they truly care about, and take care of their customers.