Review of La Villa Italian Restaurant

8109 Timberlake Rd, Lynchburg, VA 24502

Overall Rating


We ate here two times in one week. The first time we had 2 GF pizzas. Both were cooked in their own pans. One was pretty good, the other's crust seemed a little undercooked. I had specifically asked about GF subs and they said that all their subs can now be GF. I was surprised and asked again how the chicken parm sub was GF and I was assured it was. The sub roll was really good but a little overly toasted. The chicken parm was good but turns out was NOT GF. On a second visit later in the week we discussed the GF options and I asked about a different sub - the meatball sub. I casually mentioned that a lot of meatballs have breadcrumbs and the waitress thought that they didn't have any breadcrumbs but offered to check. Another waitress also thought they were ok. Finally they asked a cook and they do have breadcrumbs. Also all the Parmesans are breaded as well. At that point I politely educated the waitress that just having a GF bun doesn't make something GF. Celiacs or extreme GF sensitivity people be wary. This restaurant and its staff are not trained on GF and related issues. We would go back because they seemed earnest- we just won't order a Parmesan anything unless they change the ingredients and training.

Updated 7 years ago

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