Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar

Review by JWeb

238 Gibson Dr, Roseville, CA 95678
1 month ago
Not celiac friendly

Long story short... I ordered my food off of the gluten free menu, specifically noting that it is not a "preference" and to please note "allergy". The meal I ordered is shown on both menus, and I was not the only one ordering this dish... so I wanted to make it clear. My meal arrived the same as the other, and the server was not aware of one being gluten free. We asked to talk to our waitress.... I was told that it was gluten free and she questioned me on why I didn't trust it. She had 2 other people come out to confirm that it was gluten free... I still didn't trust it due the potato side that is typically made with flour. Finally the GM came over, told me that the dish is gluten free noting that he discussed it with the chef. OK, I feel better. As he turned to walk away, he turned back to me and said "Unless you can't have the flour in the potatoes"... we blew up a little, and he grabbed my plate and stormed off saying "I told him that the flour might be an issue!". He brought my plate back with a different potato option, clarifying that it is definitely gluten free. Our waitress came back a while later to check on us... out of curiosity we asked if she noted the order as gluten free. She said "No, I didn't. The dish is shown on the gluten free menu and the regular menu so it should be gluten free". We let her know that the gluten free menu has substituted items to make it gluten free, and that I could have been seriously ill if I had trusted them. She blew it off as a menu issue and not her fault. In the end, I was still sick that night. Not as severe as it could have been though. The waitress, general manager, and the chef failed to know what needed to be done for a dish on their gluten free menu to actually be gluten free. Major fail, and I have no intentions of trying again.