Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar

Review by Rebecca

14618 Delaware St, Westminster, CO 80023
1 month ago


There is a Gluten Free menu which is rather large and includes a dessert option. It is clearly stated at the top of the menu that there is risk of cross contamination, but with that I spoke to the waiter and let them know I have celiac and he seemed well versed on how to handle the food. I ordered the grilled chicken, with mashed potatoes, black beans and a side of chicken tortilla soup. It was all good, although the chicken was rather bland. They do have a bunch of in house sauces they make but I was a little too nervous to give them a try, not sure if they were GF or not. It’s been about 3 hours since I left the restaurant and I haven’t had any issues. Definitely a place I can add to my “safe” list.