Review of Le Pain Quotidien

975 F St NW, Washington, DC 20004

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Would give zero if I could. Ok, Le Pain Quotidien, three strikes and you. Are. OUT. This morning marks my third visit to your establishment - once in LA, once in New York and now in DC. All three times for breakfast and all three times when ordering I have told you that I have a gluten allergy (actually, it's Celiac but in the US, land of uneducated people when it comes to food, people still look at me blankly when making that statement so allergy it is). And you know what? EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. At all three locations regular bread had come out on my plate and I have had to insist on a whole new meal. It's not that hard to get that right and God help the person who tells you they have a peanut allergy that will kill them. Clearly, as a chain, you don't make enough emphasis on importance of taking allergies seriously. I gave you three chances because it was three different locations and when the food comes, it's really quite good. But I'm not risking it anymore. You fail. And not once, for the risk of making a customer gravely ill, have you even offered a discount. And the wait for the new plate is long. Fail. On top of that, the service in NYC and DC was both abysmally slow. And somewhat dismissive in NYC.

Celiac friendly?


Updated 3 years ago