Review of Linnaea's Cafe

1110 Garden St, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

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Celiac friendly?



Went here because it had so many good reviews from Celiacs - was very disappointed. The man behind the till refused to make any effort to accommodate cross contamination issues. He refused to guarantee that any gluten-free marked item would be entirely gluten-free due to shared kitchen area - I can understand this concern in regard to fryers/ovens, but all I wanted was the labelled gluten free salad! It is not difficult to avoid cross contamination in making a salad - all of my flatmates eat gluten and I am easily able to make a celiac safe salad in our shared kitchen. Honestly, I think this particular staff member was just lazy and couldn’t be bothered making the extra effort to ensure that my food was safe to eat. I won’t be bothered to go there again.

Updated 1 year ago